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What is a Just Holiday Nanny?

All JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES are qualified or trainee teachers who are confident and capable to take sole charge if needed. Independent and lively, they have an enviable range of skills, offering your children a fun and caring environment.

JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES are flexible and have bags of initiative to entertain your children with many activities, e.g. sports, art and craft, cooking. JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES can also help tackle holiday homework and reading, although we must emphasise they are there to look after your children, not act as teachers!

JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES will discuss activities with you to ensure they suit and reflect your lifestyle and the level of discipline you expect.

At JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES we undertake a rigorous selection process aimed to find the right nanny to suit your family. We pride ourselves in listening carefully to find the best match to make your next holiday a great experience for the whole family.

Whether you need a nanny for a half-term holiday or a few days per week in your own home, JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES can provide a very different holiday experience for your family.

To start the process, please Contact Us to register or ask any questions.

We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss finding your Just Holiday Nanny.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Just Holiday Nannies charge?

Just Holiday Nannies require an initial non-returnable finding fee of £50 and 20% of the nanny's weekly net salary. For expected nanny's salaries, please see How It Works.

How long will the process take?

Once you have registered, we guarantee to contact you within 48 hours to discuss your individual requirements. After paying your finder's fee, we will then get straight to work on selecting the right Just Holiday Nanny for you to interview in good time for your holiday. Please see How It Works.

How should I interview a Just Holiday Nanny?

We suggest you interview candidates in your own home, so they can engage with the family. Just Holiday Nannies will provide all the relevant paperwork in time for the interview and we will provide you with a list of suitable questions to help with this process.

What happens when I have selected a Just Holiday Nanny?

You will be required to agree dates and weekly salary with JUST HOLIDAY NANNIES and then pay the associated fees.

What can I expect a Just Holiday Nanny to do?

A Just Holiday Nanny is a competent, CRB-checked professional who will be willing to take sole charge of your child or children.

A Just Holiday Nanny can lead a range of activities, yet the days are not timetabled. They are also willing to cook simple meals for the children and small household chores for the children, such as tidying their rooms or making their beds.

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